I LOVE your pasta!!! I try and eat mostly gluten free and this is
some of the best gluten free pasta I have ever had! Where can
I get it? I will be off island this weekend so I can’t come to the
farmers market. Do you sell direct?

I just want to thank you so much for the pasta demo at the
Hayloft today. I loved it and the best past I have ever tasted.
I was diagnosed with celiac disease last Nov. It has been a hard
year learning what I can and can’t eat. I miss pizza and beer..
and Pasta. I found Trader Joes is the best place to buy gluten
free products... and found their brown rice past is eatable .. but
then I tasted yours and wow..so goooood. Loved the class, and
will go the bakery tomorrow to look for your pasta.

I wanted to thank you for selling your gluten free pasta at the
Nantucket Farmer’s Market. My sister and I have Celiac Disease
and it’s always a challenge to travel anywhere new because we
never know if we’ll be able to find things that are safe to eat. 
It was such a joy to literally walk off the ferry, stumble across a
farmer’s market and find at the very first table an entire display
of g-free pastas that looked absolutely delicious!!!

Not sure if you remember me but I was the woman who stopped
by your table in mid August with my husband on our honey-
moon. We had such a fabulous dinner that night with your
scallop ravioli!  that pea emulsion we served on top was so
fresh and delightful. Also, I wanted to tell you that my sister and
her husband came in to town the following weekend for a night
and I took her back to the farmer’s market, just to show her your
booth and that wonderful people like you really do exist.

Unfortunately, my sister is allergic to corn, and I must have
asked you if your pastas had corn in them the previous weekend
because you made all your pastas that week without corn and
my sister was so incredibly excited to have fresh pasta for the
first time in ages!! We bought your tomato sauce to go with it
and grilled up some zucchinis on the side and the whole meal
was absolutely to die for. Just wanted to thank you for making
two sisters with Celiac very happy… and very full! 
Cait S

Jeanne C. introduced us to your delicious gluten free pasta while
we were in Nantucket a few weeks ago. It was absolutely delicious
and we would love to order some. Could you email me your gluten
pasta options and let me know how we can order some?
Jennifer V.

Everyone loved the pasta and my guests from Oregon were very
impressed with such “home grown” pasta. I will keep in touch. 

We had your pasta last night and agree it is the best pasta we
have ever tasted! We’d like to order 2 scallop raviloi. Let me
know when to pick it :-)

Sadly we return to NYC at the end of this week, so don’t make
anything special for us this Saturday. I’ll try to stop by early
am to say hi and have been recommending you to friends on the
Island. The lemon pasta and mushrooms were outstanding - a
breed apart from standard ingredients.
Bibi C.

It was amazing!! Everything worked out great and the pasta
was delicious. How can I get it in NYC? I’m also going to be in
martha’s vineyard soon, is it possible to get any there?

Amazing! You were so nice to include the Osso Bucco sauce.
I realized I hadn’t ordered it separately, but it was fantastic!
Our guests loved the pasta and the sauce- as well as the story
behind them.

"Liliana's gluten-free pasta has been a revelation. It has a
wonderful, full-bodied flavor and is so much more appealing
than the bland store-bought gluten-free pastas. Her sauces are
flavorful and robust. We thoroughly enjoy her creativity in
making eating gluten-free exciting!"
Bonnie and Bob H

It was great – tasted like real pasta. Not gluten free. Please let
me know when it is available for shipping.  
John S.

I bought some pasta and sauce from you recently and was most
impressed. I’m interested in how I, as an individual can purchase
your products, but also how I can get by local food co-op to do
business with you. Anything you can tell me would be much

Ok, so I don't know what you did to those mushrooms; they
looked so unassuming in their little sauce but when I followed
the instructions and added them to your pappardelle WOW!!!
They packed a mighty punch! Unbelievable flavor! Fantastic
product Lil, you now have a loyal customer.
Barbara C.

I have Celiac Desease where can I get gluten free pasta