Pizza, pasta, bread. These are staples in
any Italian household. I grew up making,
eating, and savoring them. All of these
foods that I love contain gluten.

My gluten intolerant friends were all
frustrated by the lack of gluten free pasta
and other products. So I began
experimenting with recipes that don’t
skimp on the taste or texture found in
wheat based pasta. I finally settled on the
perfect recipe that I believe is even better
than regular pasta.

My heart has been most touched by the
grateful feedback of celiac sufferers who
have had to give up so many foods for
their health – and now can eat pasta again.
And, my greatest validation comes from
the numbers of people who are not gluten
intolerant, and tell me my pasta is better
than traditional wheat pastas.

I spent the next several months selling my
pasta to hundreds of visitors to Nantucket.
Nantucket Pasta Goddess has, indeed,
become a business.