They say necessity is the mother of
invention. After talking to a number
of friends who were celiac or gluten
free by choice, I found many were
frustrated at the lack of gluten free
pasta out in the market that had great
taste to it.

I saw a need for a better pasta that
doesn't skimp on taste or texture, so
I started experimenting and working
on several recipes. After many
attempts, I finally found a recipe that
works really well and the taste is
pretty amazing.

I decided to make this into a business
and introduced the pasta to the world
during the Nantucket Wine Festival.
I made over 100 lbs of pasta and over
40 quarts of sauces, the feedback
was overwhelmingly positive for
both my pasta and sauce.

Now I am working on building my
business online after an incredibly
successful summer at the Sustainable
Nantucket Farmer's Market and the
Artisans Market. I am now busily distributing my pasta locally in Nantucket and the New England area.

Liliana lives on Nantucket Island off
the coast of Massachusetts with her
husband and three children.
© 2013 Mai Norton Photography